The word 'free' has been bandied about the internet for a long time, usually laced with over-promise and grand statements. Let us be honest. 'Free' is a term every marketer will use if nothing else works. Free is the dimly lit backdoor for failing campaigns that just do not seem to be able to get the volume of responses it should've had. And now they have pervaded into another form, "free fax numbers listing". Targeted whole-heartedly at the home-based telemarketer, free fax number listings are candy handouts to those who are struggling to build quality lists or acquire a database that they can use to garner profits. I mean if it's free - why not? Now, because something is free, and it is offered to you - the telemarketer, there are certain points you should take note of.

I am against using free fax numbers listings. And I will give you the reasons why you should avoid them and look at other resources online and offline instead. There is always a backend deal to free fax numbers, companies or individuals who offer these listings are almost always profit driven in nature, so be it a simple case of referral or affiliate marketing or as complicate Fax List as a syndicated database build up. I mean, being used on the internet to open profit channels is pervasive, but I would like to know how I am being used as a go-between. There are always other motives involved in free fax numbers listings or any sort of 'free' database give-aways, other than making you an extra buck.

And you should question the integrity of the listing. How is it compiled? What companies are these? The very nature of fax listings is a 'redundancy' for companies who receive faxes, and bin it the minute they get it. And how is it compiled? Free fax numbers listings are always quantity influenced exercises, where cubicle cronies sit around, log on and try to find as many fax numbers from corporations that loosely fit a broad based product description. They aren't compiled with thought, accuracy and business acumen. You might be sending out a product to a market that doesn't even have a slightest interest in it. But I will not discount the fact that fax numbers CAN be an income stream for telemarketers, depending on the circumstances. The listing must be of good quality and highly targeted. The listing must have integrity and must be designed with literally your product suit in mind. If you think you have a winning product and want to use fax numbers as a method to market it, there are many resources that offer quality fax numbers listings online. It's a good starting point for telemarketers, especially budding ones. Just make sure that you do some research first to determine the reliability of the lists and the reputation of the company that you're getting the list from.