Mayor of Portland disrespects earlier than expected demonstrations – My Blog business Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler met with dozens of adjoining groups on Wednesday to send a missive before of the diocese's expected demonstrations this weekend: "Fierceness and hatred endure no area here." Earlier this month, Wheeler issued a proclamation saying the borough had received “disturbing info” that unselfish groups of protesters “planned… Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was joined beside dozens of village groups on Wednesday to send a communiqu‚ in demeanour of the planned demonstrations in the megalopolis this weekend: "Power and hatred clothed no precincts here." Earlier this month, Wheeler released a crush announcing that the exurb had “perturbing archives” that sizable groups of protesters “plan to pour down the drain our thriving and marvellous metropolis – our rest-home – as an element, a the coliseum where they picture complaints, some for divulge hate messages, and some with the real objective of committing incisiveness ”on August 17. Portland constabulary said they tried to urge coupling with combat organizers, but it is unclear if they were winning.